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    Vangaveeti movie review and rating

    Movie Review &Rating: Vangaveeti

    Cast: Sandeep Kumar,Vamsi Nakkanti,Vamsi Chaganti,Naina Ganguly,Kautilya,Shritej


    Music: Ravi Sankar

    Cinematography : Rahul Srivastav,Dilp Varma,Surya Chowdhary

    Edited: Siddhartha Ratholu

    Written : Chaithanya Prasad, Radha krishna

    Produced : Dasari Kiran Kumar

    Production House: Ramadutha Creations

    Story-Screenplay-Directed : Ram Gopla Varma

    Vangaveeti Mohana Ranga, the name itself is a sensation. He will definitely have his share of pages in the history of Vijayawada. He is one person who is still a sensation even after his death. The same person story is the film “Vangaveeti”. The fact that a movie is made on Vangaveeti itself is enough to excite the audience, on the top of it, when it is known that the director is going to be RGV, the excitement factor only increased. The film released today. Read below to find out how the movie is received by the audience, and especially the people of Vijayawada.

    Story: It is a story of battle between two families for one-upmanship. Radha, who joins as an aide to Chalasani venkataratnam, kills his boss due to some incidents, then he forms a student union, in which Nehru and Gandhi join. Later Radha dies , and his brother Ranga comes into the picture, and differences arise between Gandhi and Ranga which results in Gandhi’s death. The rest of the story is about how Gandhi’s brother Devineni Murali took revenge for his brother’s death and how Ranga died.

    Analysis: The present day Vijayawada is totally different from the Vijayawada of the past. In the past, It was an adda for Rowdyism. As we all know, the story is about one-upmanship between two families, the movie starts with Varma voice-over. The first half builds up the whole movie with showing the battle between both the families and the plans they employ to get the better of each of them. The first half is impressive. The graph of the movie falls down in the second half after politics takes front seat and Rowdyism falls behind.

    The first half ends with a strong scene, but Varma could not carry forward the same momentum in the second half, the graph keeps falling. The movie ends with the Murder of Ranga. But the audience seemed disappointed as a lot of incidents happen even after the murder of Ranga. Maybe Varma left it out intentionally to avoid controversies.

    The characterizations were built beautifully and most of the actors replicated the original one’s. It is to be noted that Varma used the real names for all his characters. Contrary to what people thought, Varma let lot of things to people’s interpretation.

    Artistes Performance: Sandeep played the characters of Mohana Ranga and Radha, He stealed the show completely. He possess intense looks which fit the role perfectly. It has to be said that RGV might make bad movies, good movies, but he never failed in casting. he has a great eye for talent. Vamshi, who played the role of Devineni Murali performed brilliantly. Naina Ganguly as Ratnakumari was impressive. Rest of the actors justified their roles.

    Technical Departments: This kind of movies are cakewalk for a director like Varma. His making style is as usual with unusual camera angles, and lot of slow motion shots. The movie has no story to be precise, it is a battle which goes on and on. Varma conveyed what he wanted to convey, but did the audience got what they were expected will be known in the coming days. Background music by Ravishankar is a Major asset for the film. The music elevated the scenes. Rahul Srivastava’s cinematography was top notch, He along with the help of Art director could show us how the Vijayawada of 1970-80 looked like. The production values were good.

    Final Verdict: If you go with expectations, you might get disappointed. It helps if you do not know anything about Vijayawada Rowdyism in the 70’s and 80’s, otherwise I don’t think movie offers anything new. The movie has more political angle than Rowdyism.

    Gavva Punch line: Vangaveeti’s sword isn’t sharp enough

    Rating: 2.75/5

    Note: This is just our personal opinion. It may or may not reflect what the audience think.


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