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    Shatamanam Bhavathi

    This Sankranti is going to be huge with two big releases in the form of Chiru;s 150th and Balayya’s 100th,but amidst these big releases, one film is silently getting ready for the release without any tension. The film is Shatamanam Bhavati, which is being produced by Dil raju and has Sharwanand and Anupama Parameswaran playing the lead roles. Recently the film completed its censor and it got a clean U certificate from the board.

    The film is going to be a wholesome family entertainer. The censor board felt that it is one of the rare clean family cinemas that they have watched in the recent times, and if the sources are to be believed, the last 30 mins is the heart of the film. Dil Raju is always considered as the producer who makes family movies, but somehow he changed his track in the recent times, but it seems like he is back on track with what he does best.

    The makers have lot of confidence on the film which is evident from the fact that they are daring to release it simultaneously with two big releases.


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