• Bala krishna is on a record breaking spree
  • Lawrence to choreograph Chiru for Ammadu Lets do kummudu
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  • Overseas trouble for senior heroes
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  • Sankranti Box-Office: Battle between two senior heroes and one young hero


    Sankranti is the season that every movie lover waits for. Because it is the season with most number of releases and the season which the producers target to increase their revenue. It is not an exaggeration if it is said that makers actually plan a movie such that the release will be during Sankranti. However, there are some problems too. There will be a line up of films in 3-4 days and that affects the revenue due to heavy competition. This Sankranti, it is going to be the same.

    Two senior heroes are geared up to battle against each other at the Box-office. what’s more is that both are coming with their landmark films. One is Chiru’s 150th and other is Balayya’s 100th. Although Chiru’s 150th is the most anticipated, Balayya made his 100th anticipated with the kind of script he selected. In between these two heroes, Young hero Sharwanand’s movie Shatamanam Bhavati is all set to release in the same week. There is enough backing for this film because it is produced by Dil Raju. If everything goes well, Khaidi No.150 will release on January 11, GPS on January 12th, and Sharwa’s movie on Jan 14th. Last year during the same season, as many as 4 movies released in the span of three days.

    Nagarjuna’s Soggade Chinni Nayana, NTR’s Nannaku Prematho, Sharwanand’s Express Raja and Bala Krishna’s Dictator. Except Dictator, all the three films did well, with SCN achieving a blockbuster. It is interesting to note that Balakrishna and Sharwanand competed then too. Balakrishna will be hoping to do better than what he did last Sankranti, Sharwa will be hoping to carry the Sankranti luck, Chiru will be hoping to achieve success in his comeback film.

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