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    Karam dosa

    Karam Dosa, No I am not talking about Karam Dosa that you eat on streets of Hyderabad. Not the one Ram Bandi is famous for. The Karamdosa here is the name of an upcoming movie which is made by new bunch of talent. It is clear that most of you might not have even heard the name of the movie, but the film has already completed its shooting and is all set to hit the screens.

    The film started off without any expectations, but now that the final copy is ready, and those who have watched it are overwhelmed and the movie is closely watched in the Industry circles. The film is being directed by Trivikram Gajulapalli. The movie talks about the thought process of the youngsters in the present day circumstances. Do not mistake this film to be yet another run off the mill message oriented one.

    If you are thinking on that lines, it is same like eating Dosa without Oil and Karam. The film is not a Plain Dosa, i.e message oriented, It also has all the ingredients like Karam, salt , i,e Comedy, Emotions etc. The movie will surely attract the younger audience and at the same time it is a thought provoking one too. This movie is being made by Indians who are working in USA. The movie which is made out of passion is being aggressively promoted through digital media. Let us all watch this new age movie made by new bunch of talent and encourage them to make more.


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