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    Priyanka Chopra is probably the most desirable actress in the Indian film Industry since last 5 years. Her market raised exponentially from National to International. It is a known fact that she is busy with her English TV series. Occasionally she is seen in Bollywood Movies.

    Recently she is in the news after Assam Government announced her as the brand ambassador of Assam Tourism. Talking on this occasion, Priyanka Chopra expressed her happiness for being appointed as brand ambassador for Assam Tourism, she also denied rumors about her shifting to New York, she clarified that she still lives in India, and only goes to US for shooting purposes.

    When asked to share her opinions about Feminism, Priyanka stated that Women are equally contributing to the society, and they are excelling in all the fields, She also reiterated her previous statement regarding Men being necessary for women just to serve that purpose. We need not specially mention what purpose she is talking about. Meanwhile, the people present at the event felt that she not only is acting in Hollywood, but also is thinking on the lines of Hollywood actors. But Priyanka is not the sort of person who minces words just because others do not like


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