• Bala krishna is on a record breaking spree
  • Lawrence to choreograph Chiru for Ammadu Lets do kummudu
  • Nivetha Thomas denies rumors about acting with Pawan Kalyan
  • Overseas trouble for senior heroes
  • Jabardast comedian Potti Ramesh’s wife commits suicide
  • Dhruva Boxoffice storm continues
  • Balayya’s place filled with Khaidi No.150 hoardings


    This Sankranti is going to witness the battle of two big wigs, who fought for the number one crown a decade ago. Now they are back with their landmark films. Chiru’s 150th vs Balayya’s 100th. Keeping aside who wins the contest, it is a win-win situation for the fans of Telugu cinema to witness them both compete after a long time. The promotions are going in full swing.

    The audio release of GPS kick-started the promotions and Khaidi No.150 is all geared up for the pre release function on 4th of January. Both the Telugu states are filled up with the hoarding of this two movies. Khaidi No.150 went a step ahead and occupied all the hoardings near Balayya’s house.

    But this might not be intentional as Konidela Production house is also situated near Balayya’s house, that may be the reason for that area being filled up with the movie hoardings. Everything said and done, the movie lovers are in for a treat this Sankranti. Let us hope both these movies achieve success.


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