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    Generally when we think of Beggars, we would associate them with regular activities like begging on the streets for money, and persuading people to donate them even if they are unwilling to, with the money they get, they take care of their food,clothes and etc stuff to survive. But let us show you a different kind of Beggar whom you would never have seen. The Beggar in discussion is 48 years old Shiv Singh, who is a locale of Gangapur (Bhilwara district, Rajasthan).

    He, like, every other beggar gets up in the morning and cleans the roads and sits there for begging. With the money he receives through begging, he is pursuing his education. Yes, he had enrolled himself for a law course in Rajasthan University. He follows a strict time table and regularly attends classes. The people who got to know about him were shocked to know his daily time table. He begs till 3 PM and after that he goes to college to attend classes, when there are no classes, he sits in a college library and studies Law related books. It is interesting to note that he had not missed a single class till date.

    when asked about this, he said that his aim is to become a lawyer one day. when Inquired about why he chose begging, he said that this is the only thing he knows. He is a real inspiration to people who have everything at their disposal but still struggle in life. The story of Shiv Singh again proves the famous quotation right, “Where there is a will, there is a way”.


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